Welcome to the site of the Brothers Löwik from Almelo.

Aloys in Ben LowikThe brothers Aloys and Ben have specialized in the very long distance races ( 900 till 1300 km ) and not without success. They won many championships, National and VNCC topprizes and many prizes such as televisions, bicycles, pigeon clocks and pigs and even 3 times the car-price in a national pigeon race.

The latest victories are :

  • in 2010 1e International of a very tough race of Brive 6.148 pigeons ( also 1st NPO and 1st VNCC )
  • in 2012 1e National S3 Cahors against 10.178 pigeons. ( also 1st NPO and 1st VNCC ).
  • 2014 was a jubilee year, for the 20th once in the top-10 champions VNCC with o.a. 2th VNCC en 7th National and 9th International St.Vincent 5.017 pigeons. The heaviest St.Vincent ( 1135 km ) of the last 20 jaar. Further, the 5th VNCC en 14th Nationaal Perigueux van 8.523 pigeons.
  • .In 2015 again performed well and ended as 11th Champion nominated and 16th designated in the VNCC. Department 9 ( 1800 Members ) 16th champion not nominated and 15th appointed. International "Northern Union" 63th Champion about 10.000 Members.
  • .In 2016 had another good year: 1th champion i.a.. Almelose CC 16th champion i.a.. VNCC 17th champion i.a.. with a hen of the old couple and 19th Department designated 9 50th o.a. with a hen of the old couple and 57th total Internat. Now of 10.000 Members
  • .In 2017 weer een buitengewoon fondjaar gehad: 3th Kampioen Marathon Noord van de middaglossingen en 4th Kampioen Criterium der Azen in de Marathon Noord, 3th Kampioen VNCC onaangewezen en 6th Kampioen VNCC Champions League en 11th Kampioen VNCC aangewezen.
    For the 21th the first time 10 champions in the VNCC in 33 jaar.
    3th Kampioen onaangewezen NPO afdeling 9 marathon en 7e Kampioen aangewezen NPO afdeling 9 marathon, 5th kampioen Totaal Noordelijke Unie en 10th Kampioen aangewezen Noordelijke Unie en 11th kampioen Onaangewezen Noordelijke Unie ( that 10.000 Members).

On this site you can read more about their pigeons, the way they hold their pigeons and the results achieved by them.

Ben and Aloys hope you enjoy reading their site.

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