Brief history pigeons Gebr.Löwik Almelo.

.In 1958 Start Aloys and Ben Löwik with pigeons. First 25 year program of flights 100 to 720 kilometer, Then from 1984 exclusively on the National flights, especially long distance. As all in 1985 successful. Important was the contribution of the "Old Couple" , 2 young pigeons 1978 purchased, that formidable inherited and now in 2014 still forms the basis of our best racing- and breeding pigeons. This 2 young pigeons descended both from the best long distance pigeons that flew in the east of the country. NL875719610 DaxdofferThe black cock came from Gerard Telgenhof , directly from his great “Fonddoffer” , race Aarden x Hermans. The chequer white pin hen came from Theo Klein Haarhuis from his formidable “41” , that was paired on that moment with a niece of him. The race was Grondelaers x Aarden . Descendants of the "Old Couple" today still forms the basis of our current strain . Because we do a lot of inbreeding and line breeding, we have over the years, relatively few new birds introduced as new blood. These came from. Dick Stern and several pigeons originally Aarden, Lazeroms, van de Wegen and Theelen. These new birds are crossed on our inbred line and then youngsters of these crossings are very strictly selected. Only the best can stay on our loft.. Because we do very much inbreeding, almost every year all pigeons become an other partner. Therefore, we have no fixed main couples.

NL02-1013085 Son Daxdoffer x Bordeaux DoveWe play for years 30 koppels duiven op nest. Furthermore, we have 9 kweekkoppels. In our loft we have grates on the floor of the old birds, so there should not be cleaned every time. At the loft of the youngsters we use wood chips . Once a year we clean the loft ..

Feeding the pigeons is quite simple. The old birds are fed generously , There is usually a bit of food in the loft. If everything is eaten, we refille again, 3 or 4 x daily in summer. NL02-1013086 Daughter DaxdofferThere is always grit / red stone and vitamineral in the loft. This will be refreshed regularly. The food is most of the time normal racing feed, in the breeding period it is sometimes supplemented by better feed . During the moulting we add a little bit of small feed, and in winter a little bit of barley. The youngsters are less generously fed. When thei are outside the loft they have to obey when I call them.

Once a week the pigeons can take a bath. In winter, all the pigeons are vaccinated against smallpox and PMV . In recent years we cure and vaccinate against paratyphoid. We pair our pigeons usually around Candlemas ( 2 Febr.) All racers must raise 1 youngster and are separated again until early or mid-May. In April / May, all pigeons must race 5 races for training. , (seperated). We do not or hardly train self our pigeons, although some passionate fanciers here have success with it . We do not let fire the candle on 2 sides. Our old pigeons annually do 2 marathon races , and yearlings once.

NL96-5609309 Princess of DarknessAn important grandson of the "Old Couple" is the “Daxdoffer” 1987-5719610 . He raced in 1990 1st prize of a very tough Dax , 1130 km. with 1 hour before the number two in our VNCC ( Friends National. Concoursen Club ), our famous longdistance club of the eastern – and north-eastern part of the Netherlands with 950 fanciers , on every race a great number of prizes: 1st pr. a television , 2e pr. a bicycle 3rd pr. half a pig etc. “De Daxdoffer” gave many good descendants like daughter “Princess of Darkness” 1996-9605309 that wins 1st prize VNCC Limoges'01 , clocked at 1.51 o'clock in the morning and daughter "Boerinneke" 2000-1303779 with 1st prize VNCC of a very tough Limoges'04 with 1 hour before number two. NL00-1303779 BoerinnekeAnd grandson “Rambo” 2007-1274314 he wins the 1st prize International race from Brive'10 of 6.144 pigeons( also first in the VNCC / and 1st NPO) ) a very tough race and finished 1 hour before number two. He is a son of our great “St.Vincentdoffer” ( son “Daxdoffer” ) . Also, the “Cahorsdoffer” 2010-1181719 he wins 1st National Cahors'12 of 10.178 pigeons 1 hours ahead , is very much inbred to “Daxdoffer”. Furthermore, the “301” Gerard Besselink is also a grandson of Daxdoffer. . 2000-1290301 wins 1st prize VNCC and 1st International St.Vincent '04.

NL94-5507793 GoldcrestAnother important grandson of "Old Couple" is the "Goudhaan" 1994-5507793. He wins in one season 3 color televisions and Fl.9.000, = on two very tough races of Bergerac and Tarbes (1130 km ) with. 3td and 4th prize VNCC. A cousin of him , the “180” 1990-1680180, wins 1st prize National ( and 1th VNCC ) St.Vincent’94 of 9.660 pigeons.

. “Daxdoffer” formed together with the “Bordeauxduivin” 1998-5827235 ( 3th Nat.Bordeaux '01 , of 4.748 pigeons ) a very important pair for the future . Both the “Daxdoffer” and the “Bordeauxduivin” are very much inbred to the "Old Couple" . Youngsters of this couple are most excellent sires , especially the 2002-1013085 and the 2002-1013086 and the 2002-1013870 and the 2005-2005149.

NL03-1818149 KatjaOther good sons of the “Daxdoffer” are the "Zorro" 1998-5827280 and the "Genaaide" 2001-1225709. Some good grandsons are “Mathador” 2003-11818112 and the “Rooie Bordeaux” 2006-1665164 . One of the best pigeons of the last few years, "Katja-Goudmijntje" 2003-1818149 , is a grand-granddaughter of both Daxdoffer as Goudhaan. Since we came to recognize its superclass she raced the last 4 years of her career only 1 time a year on a marathon race.. She raced the last 4 races 5th and 7th and 8th and 16th VNCC , National also always top-prizes. She wins more as 4.000 euros. NL10-1181719 Cahorsdoffer_2014In our breeding loft are currently 3 daughters from "Katja-Goudmijntje" x Inbred son Daxdoffer 2002-1013085.
Very much inbred as you can see. . Verder zit er nog 1 dochter van haar uit een kruising met de Theelendoffer 2007-1455670 , son of the wonder couple of Jan van Kalkeren. In the breeding loft stay further 3 daughters of "Inbreeding daughter Daxdoffer" 2002-1013086 , together with a cock from Jan Peters 2009-1015044 , These two are the top couple of Jan Becker Nijverdal. . “Cahorsdoffer” 2010-1181719 ( 1th Nat.Cahors’12) is eind 2014 eveneens in het kweekhok geplaatst , while mother 2007-1274350 (daughter 301) and father “Sammy” 2005-2005056 beiden ook in het kweekhok vertoeven.

NL07-1207534 Daughter 301Begin 2014 hebben we voor de hoognodige bloedverversing enkele late jongen overgenomen van het tophok Ben Roodbeen uit Renkum, enkel uit toppers op de zware fond , zoals uit zijn absolute topper "zoon Blauwe Frans" 2006-1889648 (17 x pr. longdistance races ).




A very brief overview of the championships won on the long distances from 1985 th till 2014 :

VNCC : 26 time at the first 20 Champions . , and 20 x in the first 10 champions with peaks 4 x 1st ace with a hen of the old couple and 4 x 2nd Champion
1985: 7th 1986: 1th 1988: 8th 1989: 6th 1990: 11th 1991: 2th 1992: 2th 1995: 12th 1996: 1th 1997: 8th 1998: 2th 1999: 17th 2000: 9th 2001: 1th 2002: 1th 2003: 10th 2004: 2th 2005: 5th 2006: 18th 2007: 3th 2008: 8th 2009: 7th 2011: 18th 2012: 14th 2013: 6th 2014: 9th
Also, in the VNCC 1 x 1st champion designated 4 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd champion

In the years 80 there was a national championship of the National Competitions where the first 25 national champions were honored in the famous large halls of Den Bosch for approximately 5000 attendees: 1985 4th Champion of Nat. Competitions , in 1987 34th , in 1988 3th Champion and 1989 22th

Many top results and top marks were achieved in the years. Some highlights of the past few years :

NL10-1181735 St Vincentduivin .In 2014 : 2th VNCC en 7th Nationaal St.Vincent met de “St.Vincentduivin” 2010-1181735 , de zwaarste St.Vincent van de laatste 20 jaar . Verder 5th VNCC en 14th Nationaal Perigueux van 8.523 duiven met de “Cahorsdoffer”10-1181719.
.In 2012 : 1th Nat. Cahors 10.178 pigeons. with the 2010-1181719 de “Cahorsdoffer”
.In 2010 : 1e Internat. Brive 6.148 pigeons. + 1e NPO + 1e VNCC with the 2007-1274314 “Rambo”. In 2007 : 1e National Fond (longdistance) Spiegel , categories 6 .In 2004 : 1e VNCC Limoges , 1.468 pigeons. , 1 hour before number two , with 2000-1303779 "Boerinneke"
.In 2003 : 74th + 107th of a very tough race of Barcelona (1276 km) 1276 km. , with 3 pigeons from 3.915 pigeons. This was the only time we played Barcelona. In the eastern part of Holland 1st and 3rd ..
.In 2001 : 1th + 2th + 3th + 4th VNCC of Limoges 1.328 pigeons. with 96-9605309 "Princess of Darkness" as first pigeon on our loft. 2nd National. Bergerac van 22.183 pigeons. with 2000-5006064 ,also won Car Price in this National race. 2nd + 3th VNCC Brive 2.909 pigeons. 3th Nat. Bordeaux ZLU of 4.748 pigeons. with 1998-5728235 NL98-5827235 Bordeauxduif"Bordeauxduivin".


In the attached reports you can find more information on previous years.





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