We play for years 30 pairs of pigeons on nest at the address of Ben. Furthermore, we have 12 breeding pairs at the address of my brother Aloys. In our loft we have grates on the floor of the old birds, so there should not be cleaned every time. At the loft of the youngsters we use wood chips . Once a year we clean the loft ..

Feeding the pigeons is quite simple. The old birds are fed generously , There is usually a bit of food in the loft. If everything is eaten, we refille again, 3 or 4 x daily in summer. There is always grit / red stone and vitamineral in the loft. This will be refreshed regularly. The food is most of the time normal racing feed, in the breeding period it is sometimes supplemented by better feed . During the moulting we add a little bit of small feed, and in winter a little bit of barley. The youngsters are less generously fed. When thei are outside the loft they have to obey when I call them.

Once a week the pigeons can take a bath. In winter, all the pigeons are vaccinated against smallpox and PMV . In recent years we cure and vaccinate against paratyphoid. We pair our pigeons usually around Candlemas ( 2 Febr.) All racers must raise 1 youngster and are separated again until early or mid-May. In April / May, all pigeons must race 5 races for training. , (seperated). We do not or hardly train self our pigeons, although some passionate fanciers here have success with it . We do not let fire the candle on 2 sides. Our old pigeons annually do 2 marathon races , and yearlings once. Through this system, it often happens that some males 18 years of age bear boy.

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