Origin of our pigeons

Important was the contribution of the "Old Couple" , 2 young pigeons 1978 purchased, that formidable inherited and now in 2014 still forms the basis of our best racing- and breeding pigeons. This 2 young pigeons descended both from the best long distance pigeons that flew in the east of the country. NL875719610 DaxdofferThe black cock came from Gerard Telgenhof , directly from his great "Fonddoffer" , race Aarden x Hermans. The dark white pin hen came from Theo Klein Haarhuis from his formidable "41" , that was paired on that moment with a niece of him. The race was Grondelaers x Aarden . Descendants of the "Old Couple" today still forms the basis of our current strain .

An important grandson of "Old Couple" is the “Daxdoffer” 1987-5719610 . He raced in 1990 1st prize of a very tough Dax , 1130 km. with 1 hour before the number two in our VNCC ( Friends National. Concoursen Club ). The Daxdoffer gave many descendants as good

  • daughter “Princess of Darkness” 1996-9605309 that wins 1st prize VNCC Limoges'01 , clocked at 1.51 hours in the night
  • daughter "Boerinneke" 2000-1303779 with 1st prize VNCC of a very tough Limoges'04 with 1 hour before number two.
  • NL07-1274314 Rambograndson “Rambo” 2007-1274314 he wins the 1st prize International race from Brive'10 of 6.144 pigeons( also first in the VNCC / and 1st NPO) ) a very tough race and finished 1 hour before number two. He is a son of inbred hen H.Zwiers ( van de Wegen) and our great St.Vincentdoffer ( son Daxdoffer ).
  • the “Cahorsdoffer” 2010-1181719 he wins 1st National Cahors'12 of 10.178 pigeons 1 hours ahead , is very much inbred to Daxdoffer.
  • the “301” Gerard Besselink is also a grandson of Daxdoffer. .

NL98-5827235 Bordeauxduif. “Daxdoffer” formed together with the “Bordeauxduivin” 1998-5827235 ( 3th Nat.Bordeaux '01 , of 4.748 pigeons ) a very important pair for the future . Both Daxdoffer as Bordeauxduivin were very much inbred to the "Old Couple" . Youngsters of this couple are most excellent sires , especially the 2002-1013085 and the 2002-1013086 and the 2002-1013870 and the 2005-2005149.

Other good sons of the Daxdoffer are "Zorro" 1998-5827280 and the "Genaaide" 2001-1225709. Some good grandsons are “Mathador” 2003-11818112 and the “Rooie Bordeaux” 2006-1665164 .

Another important grandson of "Old Couple" is the "Goudhaan" 1994-5507793. He wins in one season 3 color televisions and Fl.9.000, = on two very tough races of Bergerac and Tarbes (1130 km ) with. 3td and 4th prize VNCC. A cousin of him , the "180" 1990-1680180, wins 1st prize National ( and 1th VNCC ) St.Vincent’94 of 9.660 pigeons.

One of the best pigeons of the last few years, "Katja-Goudmijntje" 2003-1818149 , is a grand-granddaughter of both Daxdoffer as Goudhaan. NL03-1818149 KatjaSince we came to recognize its superclass she raced the last 4 years of her career only 1 time a year on a marathon race.. She raced the last 4 races 5th and 7th and 8th and 16th VNCC , National also always top-prizes. She wins more as 4.000 euros. In our breeding loft are currently 5 sons and daughters of "Katja-Goudmijntje" x Inbred son Daxdoffer 2002-1013085. Also very much inbred..

In the breeding loft stay further 3 daughters "Inbreeding daughter Daxdoffer" 2002-1013086 , together with a cock from Jan Peters 2009-1015044 , These two are the top couple of Jan Becker Nijverdal.

NL10-1181735 St VincentduivinDe “Cahorsdoffer” 2010-1181719 en de “St.Vincentduivin” 2010-1181735 zijn beiden in 2015 overgeplaatst naar het kweekhok. Moreover, we have 4 beautiful pigeons purchased from top pigeons from champions loft Are Red Bone Renkum to crossbreed with our strong in-grown toppers.





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